Esa Eren Automotive, which manufactures spare parts in world standards for
tractors, in its modern facility in Konya Anadolu Industry Zone,offers its products to
the market in brand of Esa Eren.Professional human resources always have trainings
about precision of manufactured parts.Every part with brand of Esa Eren is an
evidence of its suitability to international standards.


Esa Eren Automotive, which offers its products to all over the world has strengthened its production department with its investments and has minimized human dependency about quality.With its ISO 9001 quality system certificate, every step from entrance of raw material to excitation of product is controlled meticulousy and products are manufactured with zero-defect policy.

Esa Eren Automotive has produce innovative products in directions of customer demands and expectations and has revised existing products in paralel with sectoral development.

Esa Eren Automotive is glad to have favorite products in every sales area since 1975.

Esa Eren Automotive with its qualified investments to technology and also human resources, has continuing its studies to be a world brand with more product in wider areas with every day increasing production capacity.